Zero Waste Europe

Our current, linear economy—resource extraction, use, and waste—greatly impacts our ecosystems. That extraction and consumption deplete the planet’s resources and reduce biodiversity, while the resulting mountains of waste pollute our environment. Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) is a rapidly growing movement consisting of local initiatives and change agents working together to achieve a single goal: to create a circular economy that eliminates waste completely.

Zero Waste is a goal that is both pragmatic and visionary, to guide people to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are resources for others to use. Zero Waste means designing and managing products and processes to reduce the volume and toxicity of waste and materials. They work on a wide range of projects and policy areas with the single objective of creating a circular economy. This holistic approach enables them to effectively influence European policy and the grassroots implementation of zero waste projects.

ZWE is Europe’s leading NGO in ending plastics pollution. Until recently, efforts to end plastics pollution were focused on improved recycling methods. However, Zero Waste Europe has managed to convince policy makers that non-recyclable, single use plastics have no place in society.

The Single Use Plastic Directive, which was signed off on in December 2018, significantly limits the growth of single use plastics throughout Europe.

Adessium supports Zero Waste Europe because we believe the circular transition should be pursued both on a political and on a social level. Zero Waste Europe operates on the cusp between lobbying and local engagement. The Single Use Plastic Directive is a great example of how effective their methods can be.

About this partner

Zero Waste Europe is both a network and a lobbying collective that represents the interests of the Zero Waste network in Brussels. ZWE’s mission is to support local initiatives through offering the expertise and the means to implement circular strategies locally, often on a city-wide level. At the same time, ZWE strives to connect these initiatives and to represent their interests when it comes to European-level policymaking.

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