What we do

Adessium Foundation supports organizations that target subjects of social importance and strive to effect lasting positive change in our society. We support organizations in the Netherlands and initiatives targeting the European community. In addition to financial contributions, Adessium Foundation provides organizational support focused on strengthening grantees’ capacity.

Adessium Foundation supports initiatives within the framework of three strategic programs:

Public Interest

Adessium Foundation aspires to an open, democratic society, in which the availability of independent and factual information safeguards the public interest and encourages ethical behavior.

We support initiatives that target fact-finding, analytic journalism, public awareness, and advocacy. Adessium Foundation also supports organizations that serve to counterbalance private demands when the public interest is at stake.

People & Nature

Adessium Foundation aspires to a society that makes responsible use of nature and natural resources. Humanity’s dependence on healthy ecological systems is a central focus.

We help protect important natural areas and combat environmental exhaustion and pollution. Adessium Foundation also targets the responsible use and management of our oceans

Social Initiatives

Adessium Foundation aspires to a society that provides everyone with equal opportunities, with a focus on human dignity, selfsufficiency, and solidarity.

We support initiatives that provide assistance to people in vulnerable situations. We focus specifically on innovative solutions for shelter and guidance to help people escape poverty and isolation.

Grants and organizational support

We strive for the highest possible social and civic returns per euro donated. We take a proactive approach, which means that we select our (potential) beneficiaries ourselves. Where possible, Adessium Foundation invests in multi-year partnerships with high quality implementing partners. Often the support is aimed at strengthening the organization, in order to allow for the partner to (also) achieve its institutional goals. Through active monitoring and conducting independent evaluations, we improve the quality of the partnerships and the impact of the work of beneficiaries.

Facts and figures

In 2017 Adessium Foundation spent a total of €18 million on supporting organizations and projects. 2017 also saw the start of 22 new longterm partnerships, with 25 existing partnerships being extended. In total, there were 130 active multi-annual grants at yearend 2017, across 123 organizations. This number excludes small and one-off grants.

Apart from financially supporting initiatives and projects, Adessium Foundation also provides occasional organizational support, either by Adessium Foundation directly or by providing resources to attract external expertise. There are several ways to offer direct organizational support, including the drafting of strategic plans, impact assessment & learning, or consulting on an organization’s administrative and management structure.