What we do

Adessium Foundation supports initiatives and organizations that target subjects of social importance. These beneficiaries strive to create lasting positive change in our society. We support organizations in the Netherlands, as well as initiatives targeting the European community and the factors that affect it. In addition to financial contributions, we provide organizational support focused on strengthening grantees’ capacity.

Adessium Foundation supports initiatives within the framework of three strategic programs:

Public Interest

Adessium is committed to an open, democratic and just society. We strive to create a society in which every citizen can participate and stay informed based on independent and reliable reporting. It’s important to us for freedom, safety and privacy to remain guaranteed in a digitalizing society, one in which government and public bodies function effectively, and act with integrity in the interest of citizens and the community.

We support initiatives focused on finding the truth and interpreting social issues, in part through our grantees’ investigative journalism. We are dedicated to ensuring the responsible digitalization of society. We help civil society organizations fulfill their role as a watchdog, and to stimulate public institutions to engage in good public governance and act with integrity.

People & Nature

Adessium aims to create a society that takes a responsible approach to nature and the environment. Part of our work involves the conservation of valuable nature in the Netherlands and Europe. We are committed to healthy ecosystems where nature has the room to regenerate. At the same time, we aspire to a clean environment, free from visible and invisible pollution, also in the interest of our own health.

We support initiatives that focus on the conservation of valuable nature and the restoration of biodiversity, both on land and at sea. We also work on the prevention and reduction of various forms of pollution, such as plastic and harmful chemicals.

Social Initiatives

Adessium strives to create a society in which people live together with respect and compassion for one another and in which everyone can participate equally. We are working on a society that is characterized by humanity and solidarity.

We support organizations in the Netherlands that offer help and assistance to people who have become vulnerable as a result of the situation they find themselves in. We also support initiatives for the humane treatment of refugees, as well as initiatives that encourage young people’s involvement in society.