What we do

Adessium Foundation supports organizations that target subjects of social importance and strive to effect lasting positive change in our society. We support organizations in the Netherlands and initiatives targeting the European community. In addition to financial contributions, Adessium Foundation provides organizational support focused on strengthening grantees’ capacity.

Adessium Foundation supports initiatives within the framework of three strategic programs:

Public Interest

Adessium Foundation aspires to an open, democratic society, in which the availability of independent and factual information safeguards the public interest and encourages ethical behavior.

We support initiatives that target fact-finding, analytic journalism, public awareness, and advocacy. Adessium Foundation also supports organizations that serve to counterbalance private demands when the public interest is at stake.

People & Nature

Adessium Foundation aspires to a society that makes responsible use of nature and natural resources. Humanity’s dependence on healthy ecological systems is a central focus.

We help protect important natural areas and combat environmental exhaustion and pollution. Adessium Foundation also targets the responsible use and management of our oceans.

Social Initiatives

Adessium Foundation aspires to a society that provides everyone with equal opportunities, with a focus on human dignity, selfsufficiency, and solidarity.

We support initiatives that provide assistance to people in vulnerable situations. We focus specifically on innovative solutions for shelter and guidance to help people escape poverty and isolation.