Villa Pinedo

Every year, 70,000 children are confronted with the news their parents are divorcing. One in three of these children experiences the divorce as being high-conflict, and more than half of them feel responsible for their parents’ happiness (source: Kinderombudsman). Villa Pinedo offers support for all children dealing with the negative consequences of their parents’ divorce. The organization also encourages parents to see the proceedings through their children’s eyes from an early stage.

Founder and driving force behind Villa Pinedo is child therapist Marsha Pinedo, who brings children together to share their experiences online. Children greatly benefit from interacting with others who have been in similar circumstances, whether their parents are currently going through a divorce or have been divorced for some time. At this point, the organization involves some 260 youths with hands-on expertise counseling both peers and parents.

The Villa Pinedo youth experts also consult for divorce professionals like judges, lawyers and social workers, who often pay too little attention to a child’s perspective. In addition, they offer information and training courses for Dutch municipalities. Thanks to the wide range of questions youths ask their peers, the organization has a firm grasp of what children experience during divorce procedures. Over the coming years, the organization aims to streamline the way they cluster and share their expertise.

Adessium Foundation supports Villa Pinedo because we care about Veilig Opgroeien (A Safe Place to Grow Up). We believe that children and youths need the support of their peers in these situations. Adessium’s support provides Villa Pinedo with the opportunity to take their organization to the next level and develop a sustainable revenue model for the services they offer.

About this partner

Villa Pinedo is the go-to place for children of divorced parents to share their experiences, give each other advice and support one another. They help adults understand what’s going on in their hearts and minds. Villa Pinedo works with young people to change their parents’ behavior, for the good of their child.

The way they see it, young people are the adults’ consultants. They have hands-on experience, and know exactly what makes divorce proceedings feel difficult, sad, complicated or safe and welcoming. By letting children and youths do the talking, Villa Pinedo amplifies their autonomy and inner strength. That enables them to support and advise their peers, their parents and other adults, and themselves. In doing so, their negative experiences become their strength.

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