Transparency International

Decisions made at the European level affect the daily lives of hundreds of millions of citizens. It is extremely important that these decisions benefit the public interest rather than serve private interests. Transparency International EU (TI EU) works to promote integrity in European Union institutions by, for example, campaigning for stronger rules to prevent conflicts of interest among EU officials and MEPs, and for greater transparency about which companies and other organizations influence their decisions.

TI EU also campaigns for legislation that will tackle corruption in EU Member States and around the world. It works to make sure that whistleblowers around Europe are properly protected from harassment and victimization. It aims to make sure that everyone knows what kind of financial contribution, such as taxes, companies are paying in the countries where they operate. Together with its national chapters, it is developing innovative ways for citizens to monitor how EU money is spent in their country. Last, but by no means least, it is putting pressure on the EU institutions to live up to the anti-corruption commitments they made when they signed up to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the global framework for bringing about lasting peace and prosperity on the planet.

The overarching focus of the organization’s advocacy work in the next few years will be to persuade EU policy makers to provide the legislation, data, mechanisms and space necessary for citizens to come together to fight corruption. In particular, focus will be on three areas where the EU can make a crucial contribution to the global fight against corruption – ensuring EU decision-making and public spending are protected against fraud and corruption, improving the transparency and accountability of EU-based companies and facilitating anti-corruption efforts of governments in Member States and non-EU countries by creating a space for meaningful engagement with civil society.

Adessium Foundation supports Transparency International as part of our commitment to transparency, responsibility, and integrity. Ultimately, the organization’s work should ensure that the public interest always comes first in European policy.

About this partner

TI EU was established in 2008 with the mission to prevent corruption and promote integrity, transparency and accountability in the EU institutions and in EU policies and legislation. It also serves as a hub for the Transparency International (TI) movement’s relationships with the EU institutions. From the outset, the Office’s advocacy has focussed on two broad areas – firstly, the rules governing decision-making and behavior in the institutions themselves; and, secondly, opportunities to promote anti-corruption and transparency reforms in EU Member States, as well as in countries around the world through such policies as development assistance and trade.

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