The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is the final safety net for people who have nowhere to go. With its team of professional staff, the Salvation Army helps more than 37,000 people with complex problems every year in the Netherlands. These people are no longer able to function independently or have developmental difficulties. The organization offers them shelter, guidance and a prospect of recovery, improving their chances for the future.

In the Netherlands the Salvation Army helps families with complex and serious problems. To ensure a structured approach to dealing with these problems, it uses Family Coaches to work with parents to find solutions. However, in this situation children often suffer due to poor parenting and lack of parental attention. Sadly, mistreatment and abuse are regular occurrences. In such situations, in addition to the Family Coach the Salvation Army also provides a Child Coach whose focus is exclusively on the child.

These professionally trained Child Coaches are there specially to give children and young people (aged 3 to 18) guidance on social and emotional aspects. The coach gives the child individual guidance and helps him to stand up for himself and to deal with emotions. The aim is to give these children the tools they need to build a decent, useful life. Emphasis is placed on meaningful activities, social relationships and appreciation.

credits: Ruben Timman

A Child Coach acts as a confidential advisor and undertakes one or more activities with the child outside its usual environment. This gives the child an introduction to things that a normal Dutch child takes for granted but that are new and special for these children. The children receive individual attention aimed at making them more resilient, teaching them new skills and improving their self-image. The child learns to participate better in society and is able to make choices that are different from those generally made within the family.

Adessium Foundation supports the Salvation Army in expanding its Child Coach program. With this contribution the Salvation Army is able to train more Child Coaches and as a result to help more children who are experiencing serious problems. Adessium also contributes to funding scientific research enabling this professional support to be sustained in the long term.

About this partner

The Salvation Army is a Christian organization operating internationally that believes that every person matters, regardless of their origins, beliefs or skin color. With this in mind, they help everyone who is excluded from our society for whatever reason. In the Netherlands the Salvation Army operates in more than 310 locations and has 15,000 staff.

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