The Netherlands goes to the polls – Voting guides from our partner organizations

The Netherlands goes to the polls – Voting guides from our partner organizations

On November 22 the Netherlands will go to the polls for a new House of Representatives. From human rights to press freedom: our partner organizations conducted thorough research into the content of party programs.

Undocumented immigrants
Undocumented immigrants: a group that is often underexposed. We have to do something about that, according to our partner organizations ASKV/Steunpunt Vluchtelingen, Stek – foundation for city and church, De Regenboog Groep and Stem in de Stad. Together with other involved organizations, they have created the voting guide ‘Choose for undocumented migrants’.

Children’s rights in the Netherlands
What are the consequences of the plans of the thirteen largest political parties for the realization of children’s rights in the Netherlands? Defense for Children delved into the election manifestos and figured it out.

A warm heart for human rights
Amnesty International Nederland has submitted thirteen statements to the parties and asked them to explain their position. This way you can easily see which parties are committed to human rights.

Freedom of the press
Take a look at Free Press Unlimited’s press freedom voting guide and find out how and find out how parties deal with disinformation surrounding conflicts and war. And how they want to ensure that everyone can obtain reliable information.

Protection of digital rights
Eight political parties signed an agreement describing measures for better protection of human rights during digitalization. An initiative of, among others, our partner organizations PublicSpaces and Bits of Freedom.

Future generations
Five generations of Dutch people who think a lot about our future, Jan Terlouw, Kathleen Ferrier, Jan van de Venis, Jessica den Outer and Lars Westra, call on the Netherlands to take future generations into account in a short film: ‘Choose consciously. Vote for the world you want to pass on’. Lab Toekomstige Generaties (Lab Future Generations) also lists on this page how the parties take the generations after us into account.

Transparency, integrity and anti-corruption
Transparency International Netherlands has compared the programs of the largest political parties on their ambitions in the areas of transparency, integrity and anti-corruption.

Electoral guide sustainability
Our People & Nature program manager Nina recommends de Duurzame Kieswijzer (Electoral guide sustainability). The political parties were presented with sixteen statements about the climate, our nature, the economy and housing.

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