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In recent years the distance between the EU and its citizens has grown visibly, putting a strain on the democratic legitimacy of the EU. This is a problem because many social issues that are high on the political agenda transcend the borders of individual countries. These problems can only be tackled effectively by countries working together at EU level.

In a democratic system it is essential that citizens feel involvement with this. NGOs also face the challenge of getting European citizens to connect with European decision-making, as these NGOs generally have a pan-European orientation. Moreover, many people are unaware that the option of citizen lobbying exists. The only forms of political involvement they are aware of are exercising voting rights and standing for political office. Citizen lobbying is another way for citizens to get involved in European policy-making.

The Good Lobby mobilizes citizens throughout Europe to put their talents to use for European policy-making through voluntary cooperation with non-profit organizations. Alliances of this kind increase citizens’ involvement and enable them to make their voices heard in the European decision-making process. This results in better representation of the diverse interests of individuals and groups in society. Hearing the diverse interests of citizens and groups in society improves the quality of European policy-making. The Good Lobby also gives workshops on citizen lobbying throughout Europe to citizens and organizations that represent public interests. By providing this training The Good Lobby enables them to develop their citizen lobbying skills further.

The work of The Good Lobby can make a significant contribution to the responsiveness and democratic legitimacy of European decision-making. Volunteers are given the opportunity, are being inspired and assisted to bring what they expect from Europe to the attention of the European institutions, through cooperation with NGOs. This contributes to better representation of public interests in the decision-making process.

Watch this video about the work of The Good Lobby.

About this partner

The Good Lobby (TGL) is a civic start-up operating across Europe and beyond. TGL is committed to give voice to underrepresented public interests by bringing more citizens in the public policy process. TGL promotes skill-sharing and cooperation among citizens with different backgrounds, professions and attitudes to foster assertive citizenship. TGL’s idea is that citizens, regardless of their social status or geographical location, should start lobbying for the public good. In one year of operations TGL has trained more than 400 people in 14 countries, provided legal and strategic assistance to 14 NGOs and developed a community of 10.000 people across the globe.

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