The Balearics declared two new marine reserves

The Balearics declared two new marine reserves

The Balearics is the island group in the Mediterranean Sea, made up of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Its marine environment is still considerably healthy. Hence, the right measures need to be in place to ensure that the marine environment is protected and fish populations can prosper.

In the last two months two marine reserves have been designated; one near Punta de sa Creu Formentera (1,059 hectares) and another near Tagomago, Ibiza (3,756 hectares). Both areas are considered to have significant ecological value, encompassing Posidonia seagrass meadows, algae, rocky reefs and various types of coralligenous. Activities in these marine reserves will be regulated with the aim to recover fish populations and thereby supporting local fisheries. Within the Tagomago reserve an area (220 hectares) has been designated in which all fishing and diving activities are prohibited, only scientific research will be allowed.

Local fishermen initiated a stakeholder process that, together with Islands’ Council and other relevant stakeholder, has led to the creation of these marine reserves after two years’ work. During the process the zoning of the protected areas were identified and management plans were developed.

Research found that there is potential for fish population to grow both in size and diversity. The favorable ecological conditions of the marine environment could enable the recovery of the fish population, if the right measures are in place to eliminate any destructive and unsustainable practices.

GEN-GOB Eivissa collaborated with both Island´s Councils to facilitate this stakeholder process due to their strong knowledge and expertise in this field. These activities form part of GEN-GOB Eivissa’s program “The sea, a shared responsibility” (La Mar, una responsabilidad compartida). Adessium has been supporting GEN-GOB Eivissa’s marine program since January 2016.

The addition of these reserves to the total marine protected areas surrounding the Balearics represents another great step towards preserving this valuable marine ecosystem. We believe that sustaining healthy marine ecosystems will contribute to long-term economic prosperity.

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