Stop the carousel of social workers

Stop the carousel of social workers

“Tens of thousands of Dutch children come into contact with a whole carousel of social workers who all leave sooner or later. The forgotten child is left behind again, all alone… This has to stop!”

So says organization Het Vergeten Kind (The Forgotten Child). (Dutch only) With the Week for the Forgotten Child (29 January – 4 February 2020) coming up, the organization started a petition to create awareness for the constant shuffling around of children in youth care.

Thousands of Dutch children don’t have a safe place to grow up in. Some were neglected or abused. Others fled a violent home environment or were placed into foster care for safety reasons. These traumatic experiences leave deep scars. Faced with such uncertainty, these children are angry and scared. They need our help.

Het Vergeten Kind organizes activities and events that directly and positively impacts their lives. In addition, the organization strives to create long-term structural improvements to their situation. Children in youth care see a great deal of different social workers. Every time they let someone in, they end up losing them. Once again, they get left behind, all alone. This adds significant strain to their existing psychological trauma. These children need familiar faces that stick around.

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Adessium supports The Forgotten Child because all children in the Netherlands should be able to grow up in a safe, stable environment that provides adequate care and room for personal development.

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