Stichting de Noordzee

The Dutch part of the North Sea is a large part of the Netherlands, which has traditionally been an important carrier of our economy. This will continue to be the case in the future. At the same time, the North Sea is also our largest nature reserve, rich in marine life. But the ecosystem is under pressure by the many human activities. Through sustainable use of the North Sea, more profit can be achieved, both for nature and for humans.

Stichting De Noordzee (North Sea Foundation, SDN) works to reduce the pollution of the North Sea and its beaches by partnering with companies. Through its goal-oriented approach and advocacy work, the foundation hopes to ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy clean beaches and a healthy North Sea.

credits: Mart Smit

One of the projects to achieve a clean and healthy North Sea is the ‘Noordzee Nettenvrij’ project. This project aims to decrease the pollution of fishing gear such as nets and ropes in the North Sea. The leading principle of the project is to tackle the pollution at its source.

By directly interacting with fishermen by going on board and organizing meetings with other relevant stakeholders SDN raises awareness of the problem. At the same time, collection of fishing nets is improved. Fishermen can hand in their old fishing nets in harbours and these are recycled into new sustainable textiles. In this way, old fishing nets get a value, awareness is raised and a positive action perspective is created for fishermen to stop pollution through fishing gear. The ambitious goal of this project is to halve the amount of Dutch fishing gear in the North Sea in three years.

Adessium Foundation supports Stichting De Noordzee as part of its commitment to protect important natural areas and combat pollution.

About this partner

Stichting De Noordzee works to protect North Sea marine life. The goal is a clean, healthy sea and a well-functioning ecosystem. The organization strives to put the North Sea in the hearts and minds of the Dutch public, raising awareness and appreciation for the plants and animals living in the sea.

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