Sterk Huis

Over 100,000 children in the Netherlands are abused each year. These children are victims of physical violence, sexual assault, neglect or a combination of these. Child abuse often stems from a multitude of issues, many of which are passed down from generation to generation. Focusing on prevention helps break that cycle. That’s why Sterk Huis started the Smart Start project.

Sterk Huis (‘Strong House’) helps children, youths, men, women and families dealing with complex issues. They offer help and shelter in case of parenting issues, safety and developmental issues, and violent dependency relationships. The organization uses their acquired knowledge of these complex issues and vulnerable situations to flag potential risks at an earlier stage and to prevent further escalation.

The approach of Smart Start uses available data and insights about local children and their inner circle in order to predict and prevent the risks of them encountering certain complex issues. These predictive insights help schools, doctor’s offices, and local authorities keep a closer eye on things and allow them to act sooner when children end up in situations that leave them vulnerable. For this project, Sterk Huis has joined forces with CentERdata, Datascience Center Tilburg, and regional initiative Regio Hart van Brabant.

Adessium supports Sterk Huis because we believe everyone has the right to a safe and independent life.

About this partner

Sterk Huis offers assistance to anyone dealing with issues and questions regarding upbringing and development. They offer a safe, friendly environment that allows those going through crises to catch their breath, and supports them in building a safe and independent life for themselves. Sterk Huis sees it as their mission in society to flag major family issues sooner and to break the cycle of intergenerational issues.

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