Villa Pinedo

Villa Pinedo offers support for all children dealing with the negative consequences of their parents’ divorce and encourages parents to see the proceedings through their children’s eyes from an early stage.

Sterk Huis

The Sterk Huis Smart Start project entails knowledge and tool development for better social assistance and youth care. Project results are then prepared for scaling up to a national approach.

NEWS – Critical Mass – The Fear Factory

The Fear Factory shows with an interactive exhibit the process of fear, teaching the audience how they can be manipulated, but also how to respond to it.

Respect Education Foundation

Socially safe learning and living environments are the most important preconditions for a proper development of young people and the society around them. REF helps schools to realize these goals.

NEWS – Food banks’ reach increased

Food banks are proactively reaching out to those who go hungry. Their aim is to become more accessible and break the taboo, so they can support more people in need of assistance.

Dutch National Incentive Network for Personal Finances and Administration

LSTA provides effective, high quality support to people with administrative and/or financial problems by trained volunteers and coordinators.

NEWS – Dutch Cell Dogs wins Dutch Pet Award 2018

The jury praised the organization for guiding prisoners in training asylum dogs, in order to help them create better perspectives for the future, both for the detainee and the dog.

NEWS – King steps into the Time Machine

King Willem-Alexander saw how The Time Machine Foundation works with elderly people, healthcare and welfare workers, volunteers and partner organizations to enable people to grow old with dignity in their own way.

Rotterdam Special Needs Fund

Each year, thousands of households in Rotterdam find themselves in a pressing financial emergency situation. The Rotterdam Special Needs Fund provides one-off financial donations in acute emergency situations.

NEWS – Stop the Carousel

The film ALICIA is about a girl victim to a system that takes children out of their homes but then fails to offer them a better alternative. It resulted in a Manifesto, presented to the government.

IMC Weekend School on Tour

Newcomer children start in an introduction class. They learn the Dutch language in one year and progress to regular schools. IMC Weekend School offers a half day of weekend school education every week.

Dutch Cell Dogs

A prisoner training a difficult dog to be a good pet, is also training himself. Dutch Cell Dogs is a program in which people and animals help each other to rediscover a place in society.

NEWS – Campaign victims’ willingness to report sexual exploitation

Most underage victims of sexual exploitation in the Netherlands don’t report their experiences to the police, according to research of CKM. The campaign ‘Make it Visible’ wants to increase victims’ willingness to report sexual exploitation.

Coalition against child sexual exploitation

Preventing sexual exploitation of children and young people requires a comprehensive and ambitious program, aimed at achieving systematic change. The Coalition against child sexual exploitation operates such a program.

NEWS – Stichting van Schulden naar Kansen: fighting poverty under a new name

Our partner Delta Lloyd Foundation changed its name since 1 May 2018 into “Stichting van Schulden naar Kansen” (“From Debt to Opportunities Foundation”).

VSNK – “Van Schulden naar Kansen”

Poverty as a result of problematic debt is a serious social issue. The Van Schulden Naar Kansen (From Debt to Opportunities, VSNK) project aims to significantly reduce the number of households battling poverty and problematic debt.

Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland

About 7,000 underage children are staying at women’s shelters or social shelters. Dutch child welfare charity Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland, in coalition with others advocates for independent case files for children in shelters.

Netherlands Debate Institute

The Netherlands Debate Institute Foundation develops enjoyable debating activities that enable young people to develop the competencies necessary to function in a democracy. The topics for the debates are current social issues.


Due to a multiplicity of individual and social problems, a large group of young people and adults loses connection with society. Streetcornerwork works to improve the situation of these individuals.

Life Goals

People in social shelters often find it difficult to stay active. The Life Goals Foundation gets vulnerable people into action through sport, like with the Dutch Street Cup, a street football competition between cities.

Dokters van de Wereld

In the Netherlands, access to health care for undocumented migrants is problematic. It is difficult for them to obtain medical care without intermediation. Dokters van de Wereld helps them to deal with the Dutch health system independently.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army helps families with complex and serious problems. In addition to a Family Coach the Salvation Army also provides a Child Coach whose focus is exclusively on the child.