Adessium is committed to an engaged society in which everyone can flourish. A society that is characterized by humanity and solidarity.

We support organizations in The Netherlands that offer help and assistance to people who have become vulnerable as a result of the situation they find themselves in. We also support initiatives for the humane treatment of refugees, as well as initiatives that boost young people’s involvement in society.

Help and opportunities

Contributing to support and opportunities for people who need it

Everyone in the Netherlands should have an equal opportunity to participate in society. This requires mutual understanding and concern and help for people who need it. There is a large group of people who cannot hold their own in society because they don’t have a permanent residence, live in poverty or have a very limited social safety net. They run a great risk of living in social isolation as a result, and of losing control over their own lives.

We support organizations that assist people in need of help, and that don’t just provide direct support and relief, but also offer prospects for the future. We contribute to initiatives designed to prevent poverty, social isolation and the passing down of traumas from one generation to the next. This is how we work on structural improvements for people in need of help.

Providing direct help and assistance gives people the feeling they have support, opportunities and prospects, and helps them feel connected to society.

Migration and asylum

Contributing to the humane treatment of refugees and undocumented people

Society is for everyone, and should offer equal opportunities and prospects for all. Successful integration gives newcomers the chance to build a dignified life, and enhances support for receiving refugees in Dutch society. The language barrier, restricted access to employment and education, and a limited network often prevent newcomers from developing to their full potential. We also see a large group of undocumented people who don’t always have access to basic necessities, limiting their opportunities to work on a dignified future for themselves in the Netherlands or abroad.

We contribute to organizations committed to the just and humane treatment of refugees and undocumented people, and support initiatives focused on providing shelter for and the integration of refugees. We strive to safeguard access to basic necessities for undocumented people in the Netherlands. We support organizations that offer direct assistance to refugees and undocumented people, and that are able to lobby for structural policy improvements based on their experience.

Just treatment and access to facilities help refugees and undocumented people feel connected, offers them long-term prospects, and enables them to participate in society.

Youth and society

Contributing to involving young people in social issues

In an engaged society, people take responsibility for each other and their environment. This also applies to young people; they are, after all, the future and should be involved in helping to shape it. They have the possibility to use their enthusiasm and conviction to effect change in society, which is why it is so important for them to be able to develop their ideas and talents, and make sure their voices are heard.

We want to empower young people, and contribute to the development of their awareness about and involvement in social issues. We encourage them to make a positive contribution as active citizens to their community and society at large. We support initiatives that give young people a voice and in which they are actively involved.

When young people can voice their opinions and be heard, they feel more involved in society and are able to develop to their full potential and make valuable contributions to society.