Sneak preview of poverty glossy Quiet 500

Sneak preview of poverty glossy Quiet 500

It is on sale now, the third edition of the noteworthy poverty glossy Quiet 500, an alternative version for Quote 500. The editors’ aim is to challenge the 500 richest people in the Netherlands and the Dutch society to contribute to poverty alleviation. We asked Marieke van Bommel, one of the makers, to give us a sneak preview of this beautiful magazine. She picked a couple of provocative quotes by Aletta Smits, Professor of Human Experience & Media Design, on adolescents and their identity.

Race to identity development

Aletta Smits: “The development of identity – Who am I, who do I want to become? Who are my friends? Who do I want to work with? – is the most important task of all adolescents. The scientific definition of identity development comes down to adolescents having the opportunity to explore their options to some degree of freedom. And to establish after their investigation what is and is not ‘right for them’. This also explains the different types of sports they sometimes practice for just three weeks, or the changing of study programmes, and experiments with their appearance. And once they find out what they relate to they tend to commit to it and incorporate it into their identity. In the end, adolescents will build up a relatively stable picture of themselves. But adolescents who grow up in poverty start their race to identity development from a disadvantaged position.”

No opportunities to explore

“If you are poor, it doesn’t feel as if you have the opportunity to explore. If you’re lucky, your parents will bring home a bag of food from the food bank. Celebrating your graduation on Ibiza is literally not an option. And because they have fewer options, adolescents who grow up in poverty also show less ambition. Research has revealed that they actively limit themselves, because they think ‘I can’t do this anyway’, ‘This is not for me’, ‘I don’t belong there’. Being poor and having no opportunities to explore all of a sudden becomes their only identity. They are at a disadvantage, which is a difficult position to make up for later on. They will need more than a lucky break.”

Order Quiet 500

According to Aletta Smits, adolescents who are poor are behind three-nil. Do you want to find out more about her story? Order a copy of Quiet 500 (in Dutch), which presents a mix of famous and non-famous Dutch people with inspiring stories about what poverty does to a person.

How to discover your talent?

Marieke van Bommel, Chief Executive Officer of Quiet Nederland and one of the makers of Quiet 500, explains why she chose this interview as a sneak preview: “When I started doing volunteer work for Quiet Nederland I found out that children who grow up in quiet poverty can’t freely develop their talents. We want to make visible how much of an impact that has on a child’s life. I always emphasize to my children that they have to do what they love, that they have to follow their passion and talents. But how can you do that if you have no money for a sports club or a musical instrument? If your parents and you live under stress, how can you find out what you’re good at?”

About Quiet Nederland

Quiet Nederland is a new partner of Adessium Foundation. As part of the Social Initiatives programme, Adessium focuses on strengthening people in vulnerable situations. With our support for Quiet Nederland we want to strengthen the organization, let it grow and help to become financially sustainable. Quiet Nederland meets a need that is often overlooked in poverty reduction: being seen locally and being able to participate. By deploying the talents of sponsors, generally local entrepreneurs, a local Quiet community can give poor people a signal that they are seen. A variety of services, products and ‘pampering’ is offered to Quiet members for free on a digital platform. This can range from free bike repairs to tickets for an event or show, and from going out for a meal to a kids’ party. The communities also organize information mornings and take time to get a better picture of a member’s situation and capabilities.

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