Saskia van den Dool and Martijn Meijer to form the new Management Team of Adessium Foundation

Saskia van den Dool and Martijn Meijer to form the new Management Team of Adessium Foundation

With effect of November 1st Adessium will be led by a new Management Team, consisting of Saskia van den Dool as Managing Director and Martijn Meijer as Director of Programs. We have had the pleasure of working with both of them at Adessium for several years, and are happy that they are willing to take on these positions in our organization. These appointments follow the previously announced departure of Managing Director Rogier van der Weerd on October 1st.

As Director of Programs, Saskia has worked closely with Rogier on the management team at Adessium for the past three years. In her role as Managing Director, Saskia will pursue the same course of working closely with our partners to put Adessium’s mission into practice, and thus contribute to finding solutions to important social issues. The combination of her former role as Director of Programs and her professional background give us confidence in her ability to be a driven and capable Managing Director.

Most recently, Martijn Meijer has served as the People & Nature Program Manager, and in taking over the Director of Programs role from Saskia, he will lead the team of Program Managers. This position will focus on content creation and the strategic development of the foundation’s programs. Martijn is an engaged professional with excellent strategic skills.

Given their background, experience and our shared vision for Adessium’s future, we firmly believe that Saskia and Martijn will form a promising management team. We look forward to a successful working relationship with this new team and wish them both the best of luck in their new role.

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