Journalism plays a crucial role in informing citizens and dissecting social issues. Many societal abuses transcend national boundaries. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) is a worldwide network of collaborating investigative journalists.

NEWS – Public Values in a Digital Society – Call for proposals

Public Values in a Digital Society – Strengthening the information position of individuals in a democracy: SIDN Fund and Adessium Foundation are making a joint call for proposals. The window for submitting proposals is 15 July to 23 September 2019.

NEWS – Journalism Funders Forum

The European Journalism Centre organized a conference to discuss a better way to streamline the cooperation between funders and reporters.

NEWS – New office for Bellingcat

Bellingcat, the international investigative reporting collective, has registered as a Dutch foundation and opened an office in The Hague.

UvA Fiscal Transparency research

The “Fiscal Transparency” research program at the University of Amsterdam will involve academic research into and increase transparency of international tax competition between European Member States.


Civitates is a consortium of 16 foundations who aim to combat anti-democratic developments by strengthening democracy throughout Europe. Civitates supports pro-democratic civil social organizations that work to safeguard fundamental European values.

NEWS – The Implant Files

250 reporters from all over the world studied about 8 million documents regarding medical devices: great risks associated with medical implants revealed by this new ICIJ research.

NEWS – CumEx Files: billions of euros in dividend tax fraud

Correct!v reveals scandal involving dividend tax fraud by European bankers, traders and hedge funds.

NEWS – Landmark press freedom case won

UK government violated the freedom of the press, ruled the European Court of Human Rights in a landmark press freedom case, brought by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Privacy International and others.

The Good Lobby

The distance between the EU and its citizens has grown visibly, putting a strain on the democratic legitimacy of the EU. The Good Lobby mobilizes citizens to put their talents to use for European policy-making.

NEWS – Verhalenmarkt offers freelancers for desk journalist work

Verhalenmarkt expanded its functionalities: besides searching for good journalists, editors can also use the platform when looking for freelancers to carry out desk work.

International Press Institute

The OnTheLine Project is aimed at addressing the issue of online harassment of journalists. IPI will develop a one-stop online resource platform. This will be directed at journalists, editors, and media managers.

NEWS – Hostwriter wins Google Impact Challenge

Hostwriter, an online network platform for journalists, won the Impact Challenge Germany, a competition organized by Google Germany for civil society organizations that use technology to make the world a better place.

NEWS – World Press Freedom Index: Press freedom deteriorating worldwide

On 3 May, Reporters without Borders launched the Press Freedom Index 2018. The worldwide trend, in Europe too, is one of growing hostility to journalists and media, often openly encouraged by political leaders.


Investigative journalism increases insight into social issues. However, since existing revenue models and reporting are being fundamentally challenged by digitization, financing this labor-intensive type of reporting is becoming increasingly difficult.

European Policy Centre

The European Union faces a major challenge: agreeing on effective policies that take the interests of all Europeans into account. EPC plans to make opinions of citizens heard during the respective decision-making processes.

Digital Freedom Fund

An increasing part of everyday life depends on digital data traffic. However, protection of personal data still lags behind. Digital Freedom Fund takes stock of opportunities to enforce better protection of digital rights through legal procedures.

NEWS – Reporters without Borders: Press freedom deteriorating worldwide

On 3 May, Reporters without Borders launched the Press Freedom Index 2018. The worldwide trend, in Europe too, is one of growing hostility to journalists and media, often openly encouraged by political leaders.

NEWS – Global Witness and Finance Uncovered – Biggest corruption scandal ever brought to trial

Two of the world’s largest oil companies are on trial: Shell and the Italian oil and gas company Eni. The report by Global Witness and Finance Uncovered initiated the investigations of bribery and corruption.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch advocates for the defense and protection of human rights worldwide. When it comes to refugees, Human Rights Watch works towards proper legal protection and fair asylum policies for legitimate war refugees.

Plastics in tap water

Our bodies are infested with plastic not only via the food chain, but also through our drinking water. New research by Orb Media shows that 83% of our drinking water is contaminated with nanoplastics.

Transparency International

Decisions made at the European level should benefit the public interest rather than serve private interests. Transparency International EU (TI EU) works to promote integrity in European Union.

NEWS – Should journalists change the world?

What are the difficulties faced by investigative reporters in pursuing stories that challenge powerful parties? And what are the boundaries of journalism’s role in social change? The views of Ian Urbina and Gerard Ryle.

Reporters without Borders

Nearly half of the world’s population has no access to freely-reported news and information. Every year, RSF produces the World Press Freedom Index. It helps to increase the attention of governments to freedom of information.

European Council on Refugees and Exiles

The rights of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants are at risk at EU and national level. The ECRE mission is to promote fair and humane European asylum policies and practices.


Hostwriter offers a practical solution at a time when journalism suffers budget cuts across all sectors and costs for freelancers are often not covered. Members easily connect with colleagues for advice, co-authorship or accommodation.

European Digital Rights

Our public space has moved into a privately-owned, commercial space: the internet. EDRi is the biggest European network and thought leader defending our rights and freedoms online.