Adessium is committed to an open, democratic and just society. We strive to create a society in which every citizen can participate and stay informed based on independent and reliable reporting, and where freedom, security and privacy can remain guaranteed in a digital world. A society in which government and public bodies function effectively, and act with integrity in the interest of citizens and the community.

We support initiatives focused on finding the truth and interpreting social issues, in part through the investigative journalism of our grantees. We are dedicated to ensuring the responsible digitalization of society. We help civil society organizations fulfill their role as watchdog and to stimulate public institutions to engage in good public governance, and act with integrity.

Availability of quality information

Contributing to a well-informed society

A well-informed citizen is an engaged citizen. The availability and interpretation of reliable and independent information are necessary conditions for an open, democratic and just society. Quality information enables citizens to gain insight into social issues and to engage in public discourse with each other, leaders and policymakers. The trust in and production and dissemination of quality information in society are however under pressure.

We contribute to the strengthening of journalism organizations and alliances that supply reliable and independent information, enabling them to continue their innovative reporting on socially relevant issues, without losing sight of the connection between local, national and international perspectives.

The availability of quality information contributes to a balanced public debate.

Responsible digitalization

Contributing to a safe and responsible digital society

Society is digitalizing at a rapid pace, and this development affects nearly every aspect of our lives. Although a sense of optimism dominates in terms of the opportunities this offers, vigilance is also needed to monitor the potential negative social consequences of digitalization. The centralization of power among a few large platforms has dramatic effects on citizens’ freedom, security and privacy, and demands vigilant and constructive countervailing power. Integrity in the use of personal data by government and business must be permanently guaranteed.

We contribute to the creation and implementation of the conditions that are necessary for a responsible digital society. We enable civil society organizations to offer constructive criticism on how we digitalize our society. We support organizations that sound the alarm when fundamental civil rights are at risk, and also back initiatives that can outline responsible technological alternatives.

Freedom, security and privacy in our digitalizing society are guaranteed through international policy, legislation and regulations.

Good public governance

Contributing to good public governance that serves the interests of citizens and society

Good public governance and effective regulatory bodies are of paramount importance. Our society is in perpetual motion, and this demands skilled public administrators that act with integrity and well-equipped official bodies. Society demands the continuous consideration of a vast array of social interests. This requires public bodies that function well and inspire confidence, and also serve the welfare of citizens, at a local, national and European level.

We support civil society organizations that aim to apply the principles of good governance. We help them fulfill their socially vital role as watchdogs, and to offer constructive, solution-oriented input to public bodies. In doing so, we help public institutions effectively fulfill their role in the interest of citizens and society.

Vigilant supervision of public governance guarantees a balanced weighing of interests in policy development, promotes acting with integrity and leads to more trust in public bodies.