Plastic Solutions Fund

Plastic is one of the biggest pollution threats our ecosystems faces. An estimated eight million tons of plastics ends up in the oceans each year. The majority of these are single-use plastics, like packaging. Plastics are an everlasting environmental threat, because they don’t break down—they just disintegrate into smaller and smaller particles that eventually make their way into the food chain.In order to tackle an issue of this size, working together with other organizations is essential.

The Plastic Solutions Fund, of which Adessium Foundation is a co-founder, is a new international partnership between a growing number of philantropic organizations working to reduce plastic waste worldwide. The primary goal of the Plastic Solutions Fund is to reduce the use of single-use plastics. This mainly concerns the enormous amount of plastic packaging as well as products like straws, caps and plastic bags, which are often not recycled.

The Plastic Solutions Fund finances a worldwide movement to combat single-use plastics. One example is financing the Rethink Plastic Alliance: an alliance of leading European NGOs that lobbies for ambitious European legislation to limit single-use plastics. In 2017, the Alliance worked to influence the EU strategy concerning plastic and the circular economy to make it line up with the larger goal: a world free of plastics pollution. We’ll see the first results of the Alliance’s impact in early 2018, when the European Commission presents its Plastics Strategy. This is a promising start to end plastic waste.

About this partner

The Plastic Solutions Fund is focused on building collaborations around the world to help solve the plastics crisis. Funders like Adessium Foundation believe that by working together we will make a greater impact. The Fund is supporting projects across Asia, Europe and the US that build collaborations between NGOs who work on plastics issues all along the plastics supply chain. By working together we can build a movement with the power necessary to solve this problem.

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