Our approach

Adessium Foundation strives for the highest possible social and civic returns per euro donated. We take a proactive approach. This means that we reach out to our (potential) beneficiaries ourselves and invite them to submit an application. We proactively explore the charity sector and make choices based on our strategic framework. Adessium Foundation does not accept unsolicited project proposals.

Systemic Changes

Through our three programs, we aim to provide the initiatives we finance with overall consistency and mutual support. This involves both established organizations and innovative projects that strive towards structural improvements and, if possible, systemic change. Many of these are large, complex societal issues in which Adessium Foundation intervenes in several areas simultaneously.

Organizational support

Where possible, Adessium Foundation invests in multi-year partnerships with high quality implementing partners. Often the support is aimed at strengthening the organization, in order to allow for the partner to (also) achieve its institutional goals. Through active monitoring and conducting independent evaluations, we improve the quality of the partnerships and the impact of the work of beneficiaries.

Monitoring and evaluation

At Adessium Foundation, we want to use our resources effectively in order to optimize for social impact. We also strive to learn from the organizations and initiatives we support. That’s why we spend relatively much time monitoring and evaluating the work of our grantees.

However, we also look at our own foundation: through assessing our daily business, approach and method, we keep finding new ways to improve upon the work we do.

Long-term Vision

Adessium Foundation focuses on the long term, choosing to support initiatives and projects over a period of several years. Partnerships often last three years, followed by evaluation to see whether the relationship with the beneficiary will be extended.

We care a great deal about long-term financing. Joining forces with other funds not only safeguards a project’s continuity, but also reinforces how widely supported that particular intervention is. We share knowledge with the other financial partners, and try to paint a clear picture of the initiative’s prospects. This kind of positive, critical reflection among a diverse set of funders can have a beneficial effect on project development.

Adessium Foundation doesn’t believe in a quick fix—tackling structural issues and creating change requires unconventional methods, perseverance and long-term involvement.