Plastics in tap water

Millions of people around the globe drink tap water that is contaminated with plastic. The seas and oceans are choked with tiny plastic fibers and fragments. We already knew that microplastics enter our body through the consumption of contaminated seafood. Now it becomes clear that our bodies are infested with plastic not only via the food chain, but also through our drinking water. A new research shows for the first time the enormous extent of this problem: 83% of our drinking water is contaminated with nanoplastics.

Original research by Orb Media, an American platform for investigative journalism, reveals how microscopic plastic fibers have contaminated tap water from around the world. The highest percentage of plastic contamination in drinking water was found in the US. In 94% of all water samples, plastic fibers were found, from the American Environment Agency to the Trump Tower. And although the lowest rate was measured in European countries, it still means a 72% pollution rate.

The findings are quite alarming, as it is not yet known what the consequences are for human health. The researchers claim that these results urgently require further research. In her highly recommendable interactive longread Invisibles, the plastic inside us Orb Media makes all the information about plastic pollution and research available. The organization also gives advice on limiting plastic waste in the environment. In the future, don’t use straws in your soda and wash your clothes just a little less often.

Adessium Foundation supports Orb Media because of the importance of the development of new forms of investigative journalism. Orb Media fuses massive data analysis with knowledge from the crowd and professional reporting. The productions of Orb Media lead to increasing awareness among the general public. Other (lobby) organizations in our projects portfolio are benefiting from this research, for example in reducing plastic pollution.

About this partner

Orb produces a new kind of journalism that challenges the way we see our world and brings us together around the things we share. Orb unlocks the full journalistic potential of what technology has made possible. Orb provides a new perspective, a refreshing type of journalism that resonates with and is accessible to people of different nationalities, races, religions and languages. Their reinvented editorial process enables them to serve a diverse global audience with journalism that challenges and unifies us.

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