Some of the most damaging stressors for marine habitats and species are overfishing and destructive activities that deteriorate the marine environment. According to the most comprehensive overview of EU fisheries, which was commissioned by Oceana and prepared by researchers from the University of Kiel, more than 90% of the assessed commercial stocks in the Mediterranean Sea are overfished.

Oceana strives to reverse this situation by securing policy reforms and improving the enforcement of current laws. Oceana’s habitat protection and fisheries management strategies collectively support in renewing ocean abundance. Oceana would like to see 10% of the sea designated as a marine protection by 2020, and is therefore advocating for the enlargement of Cabrera National Park in the Balearics.

In order to allow fish stocks recovery, Oceana proposes the establishment of a Mediterranean wide network of Essential Fish Habitats, closed to fishing and a ban for bottom trawling in the Mediterranean Sea up to 150 meters depth. In addition, Oceana works for the EU adoption of sub-regional management plans and the adoption of measures to protect juvenile fish in the Mediterranean Sea.

Adessium supports Oceana’s ambitious targets in the Mediterranean Sea as we believe that the two-pronged approach of effective habitat protection and fisheries management can ultimately lead to the recovery of marine ecosystems and fish populations. The Mediterranean Sea has been identified as priority area within the marine conservation strategy of Adessium.

About this partner

Oceana, the largest NGO that focuses exclusively on oceans, has the mission to protect and restore oceans worldwide. The organization wants to achieve this by realizing a sustainable fisheries policy on a scientific basis, reducing by-catch and increasing the number of protected areas at sea.

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