Ridding rivers of plastic waste

The Ocean Cleanup unveils plan to address the main source of ocean plastic pollution: rivers. The project aims to tackle the 1,000 most polluting rivers, responsible for about 80% of ocean plastic pollution, before the end of 2025.

Recommendations for Sustainability of Grocery Store Packaging

The Natuur & Milieu study includes hands-on recommendations for both the government and the packaging industry. Both will need to simplify the waste stream, enable high-quality recycling and create clarity for consumers.

Public Values in a Digital Society – Call for proposals

Public Values in a Digital Society – Strengthening the information position of individuals in a democracy: SIDN Fund and Adessium Foundation are making a joint call for proposals. The window for submitting proposals is 15 July to 23 September 2019.

Journalism Funders Forum

The European Journalism Centre organized a conference to discuss a better way to streamline the cooperation between funders and reporters.

Annual Report 2018

With great effort and motivation, we worked firmly over the last year to achieve our goals. We cooperated with 123 organizations, in short and multiannual partnerships. Our annual report is a testimony of our work.

New office for Bellingcat

Bellingcat, the international investigative reporting collective, has registered as a Dutch foundation and opened an office in The Hague.

Encouraging fair prices for flights

Flying is one of the most environmentally unfriendly ways to travel that impacts our planet. Adessium Foundation supports a campaign, which aims to facilitate a debate about the future of air traffic in the Netherlands.

Critical Mass – The Fear Factory

The Fear Factory shows with an interactive exhibit the process of fear, teaching the audience how they can be manipulated, but also how to respond to it.

Food banks’ reach increased

Food banks are proactively reaching out to those who go hungry. Their aim is to become more accessible and break the taboo, so they can support more people in need of assistance.

EU reaches agreement on ban on single-use plastics

European Parliament and the EU Member States reached agreement on a ban on single-use plastics and fair consequences for manufacturers’ responsibilities.

The Balearics declared two new marine reserves

Two new marine reserves have been designated near Formentera and another near Ibiza. The addition of these protected areas represents another great step towards preserving this valuable marine ecosystem.

National ThinkTank: Ten solutions towards a circular economy

Ten feasible solutions to accelerate the transition to a circular metropolis. These solutions are included in the National Think Tank report on the annual ThinkTank theme of Circular Economy.

The Implant Files

250 reporters from all over the world studied about 8 million documents regarding medical devices: great risks associated with medical implants revealed by this new ICIJ research.

Transforming Mediterranean small-scale fisheries

Current fishing policies fail to address the unique situation of the Mediterranean with a majority of small-scale fishers. During a High-Level Meeting in Malta a Regional Plan of Action to manage this situation was signed.

Dutch Cell Dogs wins Dutch Pet Award 2018

The jury praised the organization for guiding prisoners in training asylum dogs, in order to help them create better perspectives for the future, both for the detainee and the dog.

Plastic Oceans: MEPs back EU ban on throwaway plastics by 2021

Single use plastic products will be banned from the EU market from 2021, under draft plans approved by Parliament on 24 October 2018. These are items such as plates, cutlery, straws, balloon sticks or cotton buds.

CumEx Files: billions of euros in dividend tax fraud

Correct!v reveals scandal involving dividend tax fraud by European bankers, traders and hedge funds.

Louise Vet takes first place in the Sustainable 100

The Trouw Sustainable 100 is an annual list of the most influential and inspiring thinkers and doers involved in sustainability and nature in the Netherlands. We congratulate Louise Vet on this first place.

King steps into the Time Machine

King Willem-Alexander saw how The Time Machine Foundation works with elderly people, healthcare and welfare workers, volunteers and partner organizations to enable people to grow old with dignity in their own way.

Landmark press freedom case won

UK government violated the freedom of the press, ruled the European Court of Human Rights in a landmark press freedom case, brought by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Privacy International and others.

Verhalenmarkt offers freelancers for desk journalist work

Verhalenmarkt expanded its functionalities: besides searching for good journalists, editors can also use the platform when looking for freelancers to carry out desk work.

Stop the Carousel

The film ALICIA is about a girl victim to a system that takes children out of their homes but then fails to offer them a better alternative. It resulted in a Manifesto, presented to the government.

National ThinkTank on Circular Economy

The theme of the 13th edition of the Dutch National ThinkTank is about Circle Economy. It had its official start in the middle of August 2018.

Hostwriter wins Google Impact Challenge

Hostwriter, an online network platform for journalists, won the Impact Challenge Germany, a competition organized by Google Germany for civil society organizations that use technology to make the world a better place.

Campaign victims’ willingness to report sexual exploitation

Most underage victims of sexual exploitation in the Netherlands don’t report their experiences to the police, according to research of CKM. The campaign ‘Make it Visible’ wants to increase victims’ willingness to report sexual exploitation.

Chefs for Good Fish

Most of the fish on the menu in restaurants is not sustainable. The Good Fish Foundations’ ‘Chefs for Good Fish’ program wants to change this. It raises awareness among hotel and catering businesses, chefs and suppliers.

World Press Freedom Index: Press freedom deteriorating worldwide

On 3 May, Reporters without Borders launched the Press Freedom Index 2018. The worldwide trend, in Europe too, is one of growing hostility to journalists and media, often openly encouraged by political leaders.

Stichting van Schulden naar Kansen: fighting poverty under a new name

Our partner Delta Lloyd Foundation changed its name since 1 May 2018 into “Stichting van Schulden naar Kansen” (“From Debt to Opportunities Foundation”).

IFAW: online wildlife trade in Europe and Russia persistent

IFAW research highlights the vast quantity of live animals and their body parts available for sale online. It also details the challenges and opportunities faced in putting an end to wildlife cybercrime.

Reporters without Borders: Press freedom deteriorating worldwide

On 3 May, Reporters without Borders launched the Press Freedom Index 2018. The worldwide trend, in Europe too, is one of growing hostility to journalists and media, often openly encouraged by political leaders.

Global Witness and Finance Uncovered – Biggest corruption scandal ever brought to trial

Two of the world’s largest oil companies are on trial: Shell and the Italian oil and gas company Eni. The report by Global Witness and Finance Uncovered initiated the investigations of bribery and corruption.

Alliance Magazine, interview with Adessium Foundation

In a very special interview our founders and director speak about many aspects of the Adessium Foundation: from the start of the organization to where we are now, more than ten years later.

Fondazione Lang, interview Rogier van der Weerd

For the Italian Fondazione Lang, Rogier van der Weerd spoke about Adessium’s points of view, our way of working, and our lessons learned. The aim of Fondazione Lang is to strengthen strategic philanthropy in Italy.

Saskia van den Dool, new Director of Programs

With effect from 1 October, Adessium Foundation’s board of directors is complete again. Earlier this year Rogier van der Weerd became Managing Director and we welcomed Saskia van den Dool as our Director of Programs.

Should journalists change the world?

What are the difficulties faced by investigative reporters in pursuing stories that challenge powerful parties? And what are the boundaries of journalism’s role in social change? The views of Ian Urbina and Gerard Ryle.