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Our current production methods release a lot of harmful substances into the soil, water and air. This isn’t just an environmental problem; it’s also causing a great deal of harm to our economy. Substantial costs are incurred for soil decontamination and water treatment, and the increase in the number of people with lung diseases is putting pressure on health care costs. This damage is equal to 4.5 percent of the gross domestic product. A change to a healthy economy is crucial, with clean products and services and a minimum of adverse effects.

Natuur & Milieu is committed to a system of “factoring in environmental damage”. This means that the price of a product is made up of the total costs to manufacture it, including the harmful effects this has on the environment and public health.

By including the costs of environmental damage in the price of a product, the costs of this damage are no longer paid by society as a whole, but by the consumers and/or producers of the product. It is a way for consumers to choose alternative products that cause less pollution and also gives producers an incentive to switch to green energy or cleaner production processes. It helps give clean solutions an honest chance, enabling the phasing-out of solutions that cause pollution. This in turn stimulates innovation, creates jobs and saves taxpayers a lot of money. It also means better air quality for society, lusher natural areas and less environmental pollution.

Natuur & Milieu makes concrete suggestions that show the areas where factoring in environmental damage is most important, and how this produces the maximum effect. The organization makes proposals for measures that include lowering CO2 emissions by industry and encouraging households to make the switch to green energy. It calls on the Dutch cabinet and politicians to embrace these suggestions and integrate them in policy. Natuur & Milieu has bundled concrete suggestions in the document “Duurzaam ondernemen concurrerend maken (Making sustainable business competitive)”. (Document only in Dutch)

Adessium works with Natuur & Milieu because we want to contribute to accelerating the transition to a circular economy that gives clean, sustainable solutions a chance.

About this partner

Natuur & Milieu is an independent organization that is dedicated to a healthy, sustainable world. Together with people, companies and government, Natuur & Milieu is working on sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, mobility, raw materials and food. The goal is to ensure the Netherlands is climate-neutral by 2050 and to restore biodiversity.

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