National ThinkTank on Circular Economy

National ThinkTank on Circular Economy

The 13th edition of the Dutch National ThinkTank had its official start in the middle of August 2018. During the next four months, twenty talented academics will carry out research into how we will live, work, eat and consume goods and services in the circular metropolis. These young thinkers, with their fresh approaches and original ideas, will search for innovative and practical solutions to crack this urgent and difficult problem.

Within this year’s theme, the ‘circular economy’, the question posed is ‘How can we accelerate the transition to a circular metropolis?’ The fact is that metropolitan regions offer opportunities for economic growth and social development but at the same time put pressure on resources, capacity issues and quality of life. They are the ideal place to give the transition to a circular economy a boost.

Following a period of research and analysis, the participants will work towards specific solutions. On 10 December the participants will present their results in a final report: specific solutions that will accelerate the transition to a circular metropolis.

The National ThinkTank uses an independent perspective, thorough analyses and innovative ideas and solutions to influence a critical mass to make the best decisions concerning social issues in the Netherlands. Adessium Foundation partners the National ThinkTank because during its 13 year history the ThinkTank has proven itself to be a driving force for social innovation and because this year’s theme fits closely with Adessium’s ambition to contribute to the transition to a circular economy.

Read about the National Thinktank here (In Dutch)
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