Marilles Foundation

In the course of the past two years, Adessium Foundation has established a new initiative aimed at improving the marine and coastal environment in the Balearic Islands. This resulted in a new organization: the Marilles Foundation, with the aim of turning the Balearics into a beacon of marine conservation.

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago in the Mediterranean, east of the Spanish mainland. Scientists regard these islands as one of the best-kept marine environments in the Mediterranean region. Still, its ecosystems face significant pressure, mainly from recreational and industrial overfishing, as well as from mass tourism. Sewage is another concern, as is ships anchoring in vulnerable areas, and pollution from plastics and other materials. Although there is legislation in place and several areas have been placed under protection, there is very little monitoring and enforcement.

The locals are adamant about the urgency of the issue. If we want to protect this biodiversity hotspot, now is the time to act. Adessium Foundation believes that a healthy marine environment and economic prosperity are not mutually exclusive.

Current threats and possibilities have been researched. Together with representatives from the islands, a vision has been developed for the area that is now being supported by a wide range of stakeholders on the Balearic Islands. The Marilles Foundation will share this vision with a wider audience and implement it through concrete initiatives.

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To find out more about Marilles Foundation please read the vision document or visit the website.

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