Life Goals

People in social shelters often find it difficult to stay active. Both physically and in the sense of seeing a way ahead in life and working towards it. Sport stimulates and inspires people in both senses. The problem is that people who are homeless or sleeping rough, refugees and addicts often have no access to standard sports facilities. The Life Goals Foundation offers tailor-made sports programmes to help with this.

The Life Goals Foundation gets vulnerable people into action through sport. One of its main activities is the Dutch Street Cup. This is a street football competition held between different towns and cities for people in social shelters. The focus is on the participants’ personal development. Playing sports together brings them out of their social isolation and makes them more self-reliant. Research shows that working together with like-minded people towards national events not only means participants have a shared goal, it also gives them a personal goal and contributes to their motivation and perseverance.

Participants in all Life Goals programmes come together at central locations to take part in an active sports day. At each event around 450 participants from social shelters play sports together. From Groningen to Maastricht and from Amsterdam to Enschede, every programme is represented. Over the years the Life Goals Festivals have become the national podium for social work sport projects.

The foundation has now developed an app: the Life Goals Monitor. This new tool creates an easy way for trainers to work with the participants to follow their progress. The results from this app are used to analyse the participants’ personal development and the Life Goals Foundation’s sports programmes. Life Goals is working with Wageningen University to produce this analysis. The first results of this research are already showing positive effects!

The contribution made by Adessium has enabled the Life Goals Foundation to develop a specific methodology that allows it to give participants in the Dutch Street Cup better opportunities to develop. This methodology has been incorporated into existing Dutch Street Cup projects.

About this partner

The Life Goals Foundation helps vulnerable individuals to reintegrate into society through sport. The foundation focuses on people who are homeless or sleeping rough, refugees, addicts, homeless young people, teenage mums and ex-offenders. Life Goals offers tailor-made sports programmes. Sport can get people into action and provide inspiration to get on with life. Life Goals works with local foundations that make a difference at the local level.

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