NEWS – King steps into the Time Machine

NEWS – King steps into the Time Machine

King Willem-Alexander’s visit to Nieuw Groenland retirement village in Zaandam was eagerly anticipated by residents and staff. On Tuesday 9 October he came to visit the Time Machine. He took time to talk to people and saw how this organization works with elderly people, healthcare and welfare workers, volunteers and partner organizations to enable people to grow old with dignity in their own way.

The King also stepped into the Time Machine. This is a living room set completely furnished in the style of the 1960s. It allows elderly people to travel back in time, supervised by trained tour guides. Visitors are able to smell, feel, look and listen. The tour guides use the memories that this evokes for the elderly visitors to talk to them about what’s important to them and their wishes for their lives now.

These conversations form the basis for the subsequent six month program in which the retirement village, relatives providing informal care, volunteers, the municipality, the community social services team, the community center and other community organizations work together to turn the elderly people’s wishes and needs into reality. Examples of this include arranging activities and outings that correspond better to those wishes and needs, improving healthcare (or informal care) and recruiting buddies so they can go out and do things together. This way more elderly people get involved and the various parties work together to ensure people can enjoy their later years.

The Time Machine Foundation (Stichting de Tijdmachine) has been contributing to quality of life for elderly people through its projects since 2013. Its priority is focusing on the experience and needs of elderly people themselves.

Adessium Foundation supports the Time Machine Foundation because we believe it’s important for people in the Netherlands to be able to grow old respectably and with quality of life. And in doing so we also contribute to improving the care structure in the Netherlands.

Here is a report of this visit. (In Dutch)

The Time Machine Foundation (Stichting de Tijdmachine)  (In Dutch)
About King Willem-Alexander’s visit  (In Dutch)

Photo: Bart Homburg
Photo: Bart Homburg
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