IMC Weekend School on Tour

IMC Weekend School launched its initiative offering weekend school education to newcomers to the Netherlands at the start of 2016. Many newcomers are refugees from war-torn regions, such as Syria. Newcomer children start in an introduction class, where they learn the Dutch language in one year so that they are ready to progress to regular schools. In these international introduction classes IMC Weekend School offers a half day of weekend school education every week.

IMC on Tour provides guest lessons on interesting professions given by guest teachers. During the guest lessons the children meet highly-motivated professionals and get to know other children living in the Netherlands. IMC Weekend School on Tour brings society into their classroom.

During the introductory year that prepares them for regular education, children participating in IMC on Tour receive a broader education getting them ready to take part in Dutch society. Mastering the Dutch language is not the only thing the children learn that’s important for their participation in society; discovering their talents and developing new skills are also crucial to developing their sense of self-worth and their self-confidence and broadening their future prospects.

Adessium supports this project in the area of upscaling activities/growing the number of locations where IMC on Tour is available.

About this partner

IMC Weekend School provides supplementary education for young people. The aim is to give young people a well-informed and highly-motivated attitude to life. The lesson program focuses on broadening their future prospects, increasing their self-confidence and strengthening their sense of connection with Dutch society.

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