Hostwriter is a global community for journalists. Members easily connect with colleagues for advice, co-authorship or accommodation. Since its launch in May 2014, almost 3,000 colleagues from more than 120 countries now use Hostwriter to collaborate on cross-border stories.

Hostwriter’s mission is to raise the quality of international media coverage by providing local contacts to journalists around the globe. Today, major news stories span across borders and independent, high-quality journalism needs to reflect this. The Hostwriter team sees cross-border journalism as a tool to overcome national bias and prejudice, ultimately contributing towards better informed, more accountable and democratic societies.

Hostwriter is more than an online network. It has launched several projects to support cross-border reporting and debate: from organizing affiliate events at the New York Times Athens Democracy Forum to awarding collaborative journalism pieces and promising story pitches with the yearly #HostwriterPrize. The most recent program is called “The Agora Project”, a temporary European newsroom for ten journalists. With several elections coming up, the participants are working collaboratively on the topic of polarization in Europe.

Hostwriter offers a practical solution at a time when journalism suffers budget cuts across all sectors and costs for freelancers are often not covered. The opportunity to travel plus the provision of local contacts around the world maximizes the potential for insightful work abroad.

Adessium Foundation’s support covers general operating costs as well as external advice on development and fundraising. The target is to turn Hostwriter from an enthusiastic project into a professional organization that enables colleagues all over the world to connect easily with fellow media professionals for collaboration and mutual support.

About this partner

Hostwriter is a global network for media professionals. It connects journalists to seek and offer support, whether in the form of story collaboration, local advice or accommodation. All journalists provide work samples by way of professional verification. Membership is free of charge.

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