European Digital Rights (EDRi)

Information technology has a revolutionary impact on our society. It has boosted freedom of communication and democracy. But it has also led to new approaches to surveillance and is increasingly used to impose restrictions on fundamental rights. European Digital Rights (EDRi) works to ensure that citizens’ rights and freedoms in the online environment are respected whenever they are endangered by the actions of political bodies or private organizations. Freedom, transparency, human rights and the rule of law are therefore EDRi’s core priorities.

EDRi provides policy makers with expert civil society-focused analyses of digital rights issues, enabling them to make informed policy proposals and decisions. By leveraging the power of its national member organizations, EDRi ensures that challenges are addressed effectively both at the national and the European level.

The organization also ensures that European civil society and citizens’ interests are reflected in the global debate about the future of the internet, the information society and digital media. Furthermore EDRi provides a platform for its member organizations to coordinate actions, amongst themselves and with the Brussels office.

Adessium’s support of this key party contributes to EDRi’s efforts to protect the freedom and privacy of individuals in the digital space. In addition, it contributes to our goal for a better understanding of how digitization influences the public debate and to address issues such as political micro-targeting, and one of the drivers behind it, data exploitation, which enables the creation of very detailed personal profiling for political and commercial advertising. Tackling online data exploitation is a key priority for EDRi.

About this partner

EDRi is a network of 42 human rights organizations committed to protecting digital rights in Europe (and beyond), steered by its office in Brussels. EDRi’s mission is to promote, protect and uphold human rights and freedoms in the digital environment.
To highlight some of the major milestones and victories that EDRi has achieved:
In 2015, EDRi successfully pushed for an EU Regulation on net neutrality. In 2018, the Council of Europe adopted its Recommendation on the Roles and Responsibilities of Internet Intermediaries, following extensive and decisive engagement by EDRi. And between 2012 to 2016, EDRi played a key role in the adoption of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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