Dutch National Incentive Network for Personal Finances and Administration

Despite the economic recovery the number of people with problem debts is hardly reducing at all. Prevention is better than cure here: preventing people from getting into debt in the first place, for example by helping them with their personal finances and administration. Various organizations have a Personal Finances and Administration service, where volunteers assist people seeking help with their administrative and/or financial problems.

Research by the Dutch National Incentive Network for Personal Finances and Administration (Landelijk Stimuleringsnetwerk Thuisadministratie or LSTA) shows that the coordinators of these organizations often have a very heavy workload. In many cases coordinators lack the time and funds to ensure volunteers receive proper supervision and training, to measure the results of the support provided to those seeking help and/or to establish clear working arrangements for cooperation with other organizations involved in providing debt services. Added to this, increasingly, people asking for help have more complex needs, as we read in this interview (in Dutch) with LSTA in Dutch healthcare and welfare journal Zorg & Welzijn (August 2018).

LSTA contributes to the provision of effective, high quality support to people with administrative and/or financial problems by trained volunteers and coordinators. For local schemes not affiliated to a national organization LSTA provides both representation and a source of information. Through training and targeted information provision, LSTA puts coordinators and volunteers involved in personal finances and administration in a stronger position. It’s also important for municipalities to recognize the value of volunteers’ efforts and provide financial support for this. Together with organizations such as Schuldhulpmaatje and Humanitas, which are also partnered with Adessium, LSTA is part of a national alliance working on an appropriate funding model for municipalities to use.

Adessium supports this project due to the importance of prevention, research into effects and sharing expertise nationally in the field of poverty and debt. We believe in the importance of professionalizing the sector and recognizing volunteers’ efforts in preventing and relieving poverty.

About this partner

The Dutch National Incentive Network for Personal Finances and Administration (Landelijk Stimuleringsnetwerk Thuisadministratie or LSTA) is an independent national organization supporting coordinators and volunteers in all Personal Finances and Administration services, with a particular focus on the 160 local Personal Finances and Administration organizations that are not affiliated to a national umbrella organization. By providing optimum support to people seeking help with financial and/or administrative problems they work towards the achievement of financial skills and independence.

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