Dutch Cell Dogs wins Dutch Pet Award 2018

Dutch Cell Dogs wins Dutch Pet Award 2018

On Monday 12 November, the ceremony for the Dutch Pet Awards 2018 took place at Studio Aalsmeer. These are awards for individuals and companies, who have made an important contribution to the development of the animal sector. Dutch Cell Dogs received the Not for Profit Award during the Award Show.

The Dutch Cell Dogs Foundation guides prisoners in training asylum dogs who are often maltreated and therefore have adjustment problems. The training has a great positive effect on both the shelter dogs and on the detainees.

The jury praised the careful way in which a match is made between the dog and the detainee. They were also positive about the fact that not only for the dog, but also for the detained learning objectives are put in place. In this way both parties obtain better perspectives for their future, if they go to a new family, or return to society.

Adessium Foundation supports Dutch Cell Dogs because this project improves the social integration of detainees.

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