Dokters van de Wereld

Medical care is not a privilege but a human right. And yet for millions of people worldwide no medical care is available if they become ill. In the Netherlands, access to health care for undocumented migrants is problematic. In practice it is difficult for them to obtain medical care without intermediation. This creates health risks. Particularly for the most vulnerable, such as pregnant women, people with chronic illnesses, children and anyone with psychological problems.

With its Right to Health Care project, Dokters van de Wereld, the Dutch branch of international medical relief organization Médecins du Monde, provides walk-in surgeries, a telephone helpdesk and group information sessions to ensure undocumented migrants become better able to deal with the Dutch health system independently. The organization intermediates between health care institutions and undocumented patients. It informs health care providers about the options for providing health care to this group. During group information sessions undocumented migrants receive information about their rights. By contacting the telephone helpdesk undocumented patients, their families and acquaintances and health care providers can obtain information and advice about access to health care. The helpdesk also provides back-up for the walk-in surgeries, providing support in cases requiring follow-up actions or intermediation.

credits: R.E. van Nie

Dokters van de Wereld also has a special Health Care Bus. The bus allows mobile walk-in surgeries to be held. Surgeries are staffed by medical volunteers. They offer a listening ear, information and intermediation and they help undocumented migrants to access health care independently.

Adessium Foundation supports the Right to Health Care project carried out by Dokters van de Wereld for the structural improvement of access to health care for undocumented migrants.

About this partner

Dokters van de Wereld fights for health care for everyone. In the Netherlands and abroad. They carry out surgical missions, train local health care professionals in developing countries and organize activities and campaigns. Dokters van de Wereld offers access to health care for people who are excluded from this. Hundreds of volunteers and medical professionals take an active role by going into the field and saving lives.

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