Digital Freedom Fund

An increasing number of things in everyday life depend on digital data traffic. However, the extent to which our personal data are protected still lags behind. Legislation about the subject offers insufficient measures for privacy protection, while data collection by both corporations and governments is ever-increasing. Sometimes, advocating for increased privacy protection alone is not enough. In that case, starting a legal procedure can help.

The Digital Freedom Fund takes stock of opportunities to enforce better protection of digital rights through legal procedures and supports European social organizations who want to take their case to court. For example, a judge can decide on the implementation of new European privacy measures, on the implication of using algorithms in decision-making processes, or on the impact intelligence agency supervision has on freedom of the press. The Digital Freedom Fund provides support through brainstorming on litigation strategy and supplying competent lawyers, as well as through bringing parties together to foster mutual understanding.

Several European organizations have already started legal procedures about the violation of privacy. Until now, not all of them were aware of the actions undertaken by others. The Digital Freedom Fund provides a framework for better coordination among initiatives, thereby greatly increasing their chances of success.

Recently, Adessium Foundation joined forces with Open Society Foundations and Omidyar Network to support the foundation of the Digital Freedom Fund. Because the initiative is financed by several organizations, the Digital Freedom Fund benefits from increased sustainability. At the same time, it shows that philanthropy can play a vital role in the protection of digital rights.

About this partner

Digital Freedom Fund works to advance digital rights in Europe by supporting strategic litigation and increased collaboration between digital rights organizations and activists, so the impact of their important work can be enhanced. As more and more of our lives move into the digital sphere, it is crucial to strengthen the protection of human rights in this space. Digital rights are human rights and we are committed to defending them.

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