CumEx Files: billions of euros in dividend tax fraud

CumEx Files: billions of euros in dividend tax fraud

A great commotion has arisen concerning a European scandal involving dividend tax.
In a nutshell: European bankers, traders and hedge funds are alleged to have put fraudulent tax constructions in place. They are said to have claimed back dividend tax illegally. At a cost of 55.2 billion euros to European governments.

A network of nineteen news organizations from twelve European countries has worked on this investigation, the CumEx Files, over the past year. The Netherlands was represented by Follow the Money.

One of the German organizations involved was Correct!v. Adessium has been supporting this not-for-profit journalism organization since 2015. The organization played a key role in coordinating the investigation efforts for the CumEx Files, in building a database accessible for all the journalists involved and in installing software enabling surveillance-proof communication.

Read more about the investigation here.

The news article at NOS (In Dutch)

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