Coalition against child sexual exploitation

Preventing sexual exploitation of children and young people requires a comprehensive and ambitious program, aimed at achieving systematic change. The Coalition against child sexual exploitation operates such a program. On the one hand, the Coalition focuses on prevention and on protecting children and young people against sexual exploitation. At the same time, it works to expand knowledge about the problem and awareness among the judiciary and in government and business. Awareness campaigns for the general public are also conducted.

A specific problem of sexual exploitation of young people is the loverboy. This human trafficker dupes a girl into falling in love with him, then he forces her to have sex with other people for payment so that he can earn money from this. More and more often, blackmail or (threat of) violence is applied. Exploiters put the victims under pressure with all sorts of blackmail, including sextortion: the loverboy threatens to send sexually tinted photos or videos of the victim or put them online.

The WATCH Netherlands project, part of the Coalition, set up a national helpline for problems involving loverboys in 2017. Parents, professionals and anyone witnessing such problems can contact the helpline to report loverboys, customers of underage prostitutes and underage victims who need protection. Another, less well-known problem that the Coalition addresses is prostitution among boys. A significant taboo exists around this: the first research results in 2017 showed that this phenomenon is much more widespread than was previously believed.

Adessium Foundation supports the Coalition because we believe that children and young people should be able to grow up in safety and should never be exploited. We want to prevent traumatization at a young age and increase resilience in the child’s broader surroundings.

About this partner

The Coalition against Child Sexual Exploitation is a joint effort between the Center Against Child Trafficking and Trafficking (CKM, part of Fier)], Terre des Hommes and Defence for Children-ECPAT. The Coalition wants to put an end to child trafficking and the sexual exploitation of young people by 2030. To achieve this, it focuses on prevention and protecting victims, on prosecution and punishment of perpetrators and customers of underage prostitutes and on working closely with partner organizations.

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