Civitates and the International Day of Democracy: developments and results

Civitates and the International Day of Democracy: developments and results

As every year the International Day of Democracy (15th of September) reminds us that democratic principles and values such as respect to human rights, freedom of association, participation, and access to information can’t be taken for granted. In an article Civitates outlines the latest developments and lists what this philanthropic initiative has achieved over the past three years.

Pool funds together

In the last years, we have been witnessing the closing of democratic spaces, a rise in disinformation, and an increase in political polarisation. In 2017 European foundations saw these worrying trends that if not countered could be detrimental to democracy and decided to pool funds together within the umbrella of a fund for democracy and solidarity in Europe: Civitates. Adessium Foundation has been involved from the start.

22 foundations

The mobilisation of partner foundations hasn’t weakened. The collaborative has grown and currently comprises 22 foundations who are convinced that democracy needs constant investment. Civitates supports initiatives that strengthen the space for civil society and that push for a healthy digital public sphere in which public and democratic values are safeguarded.

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