Circle Economy

Within the ‘take-make-waste’ tradition of the linear economy lies a toxic cocktail of negative consequences, ranging from social inequality to depletion of natural resources. Accompanied with high-impact megatrends of rapid population growth and widespread urbanisation, linear economy is no longer fit for purpose. We need to pivot to a circular economy.

While the circular economy movement has been growing in recent years, the lack of a consistent framework for circularity that informs strategy and policy development and allows to monitor progress remains a key challenge. With funding from Adessium Foundation Circle Economy aims to create a more conducive environment for uniformal national and sectoral goal-setting to help accelerate the transition to circularity.

Through its Circularity Gap Reports (CGR), Circle Economy shows that the world’s economy is only 9% circular, leaving a massive circularity gap. Moreover the CGR shows that the circularity gap is not closing. The upward trend in resource extraction and greenhouse gas emissions has continued and key indicators confirm that the problems of a linear economy are ‘baked in’ to the global economy and we are heading in the wrong direction.

Adessium supports this program as we consider a fact-base and measurement framework to monitor circular progress, a key enabling condition for the circular transition. Through the Circularity Gap Reports, Circle Economy has been able to start breaking silos of world thought leaders from academia, corporates and international organisations (e.g. DSM, WBCSD, WEF, UNDP) that are already working on this subject and Circle Economy thus contributed to shared understanding of the prevailing problems and potential solutions that the circular economy can provide.

About this partner

As an impact organisation, Circle Economy connects and empowers a global community to create the conditions for systemic transformation. Circle works alongside businesses, cities and governments to identify opportunities to make the transition to a circular economy and provide practical and scalable solutions to turn those opportunities into reality.

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