Chefs for Good Fish

Chefs for Good Fish

Even in restaurants that place a high priority on sustainability, most of the fish on the menu is rated ‘red’ on the VISwijzer (Seafood Guide). The VISwijzer is an app and website developed by the Good Fish Foundation, the North Sea Foundation and World Wildlife Fund, providing information on how sustainable fish is. Restaurant menus primarily offer ‘luxury’ varieties of fish, such as fresh tuna, large shrimps and tropical shrimps, skate and monkfish, turbot, eel, swordfish, zander and sea bream. These are precisely the species of fish that have serious sustainability problems.

Dutch supermarkets have made significant progress in recent years in terms of making their fish selection more sustainable. Almost all fish in supermarkets has a sustainability certificate. The hotel and catering sector has not reached this point yet. The Good Fish Foundation (GFF) carried out a survey of the menus of 500 Dutch restaurants that claim to prioritize sustainability. This showed that four out of five restaurants serve one or more kinds of fish that is heavily overfished or even illegally caught. It also revealed that many chefs don’t know what fish is sustainable and what isn’t. The GFF set up the ‘Chefs for Good Fish’ program to raise awareness among hotel and catering businesses, chefs and suppliers. They give chefs guidance when choosing to put responsibly caught or farmed fish on the menu. Suppliers need to state more clearly where their fish comes from and how it is caught. Improving traceability will limit market access for non-sustainable and potentially illegal fish.

Adessium Foundation supports the Good Fish Foundation’s ‘Chefs for Good Fish’ program because we believe in the importance of sustainable development of the fish supply chain.

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