Ambitious EU ecodesign legislation

Ambitious EU ecodesign legislation

This summer the European Parliament voted in favor of the legislative proposal Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR). Our partner organization ECOS speaks of “ambitious ecodesign legislation that will bring us closer to a circular economy”.

Sustainability requirements

The EU is set to develop sustainability requirements for certain products thanks to in this legislation. In the past, this legislation has led to significant changes in the design of products. Take fridges and freezers, thanks to the ecodesign regulations, these appliances are now 60% more efficient than they were in 1992. Director Justin Wilkes of ECOS: “This new EU legislation will enter into force in 2024 and revolves around setting new requirements for product groups such as textiles, furniture, electronics, and ICT products. For example the durability and reusability of a device and whether it is easy to maintain and recycle. Up to 80% of a product’s environmental impacts during its lifecycles can be determined at the design phase – therefore ecodesign is an important sustainability and circularity instrument.”

Product passport

All regulated products will also be accompanied by a digital product passport (DPP) with product-specific information. Justin Wilkes: “This passport will likely state what materials the device is made of, whether it is sustainable, easy to repair and whether parts can be recycled. This will help consumers learn more about the environmental impact of their purchase and how to make it last. In the future, the DPP could include information such as repair history, supporting reuse and second-hand markets or even longer-lasting products.”

International network

The Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS) is an international network of members and experts who advocate for environmentally-friendly technical standards, policies, and laws. The ESPR proposal from the European Commission took the advocacy of ECOS into account. You can read more about the ESPR legislation in the ECOS press release.

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