African Parks

Africa’s biodiversity and natural systems are under extreme threat. Protected in name alone, many national parks and wildlife reserves lack sufficient means to address unsustainable resource extraction which is leading to their rapid degradation. The pressure on these remaining conservation landscapes is only intensifying as burgeoning human populations increase demands on their valuable natural assets and illegal wildlife trade is driving the loss of more than 30,000 elephants, over 1,000 rhinos and declines among tens of thousands of other species each year.

African Parks developed a successful public-private partnership conservation model to secure the future of protected areas comprising critical habitats for wildlife in Africa. Contracted by governments who retain ultimate oversight, African Parks carries out this mandate bringing a wealth of technical experience and excellence in park management, conservation and restoration practices, law enforcement and community development. By establishing conservation-led economies around protected areas, African Parks contributes to socio-economic development and helps local communities realize the benefits of conserving these assets.

African Parks currently manages eleven parks in eight countries: Benin, Chad, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia – covering 6.5 million hectares. Today, African Parks is responsible for the largest area under conservation management in Africa, and a goal to manage 20 parks and protect more than 10 million hectares by 2020.

Over the past several years, African Parks’ approach has proven to be highly effective in protecting important natural areas, achieving remarkable results in transforming parks through improved law enforcement, restoring key species and growth in wildlife populations and generating increased revenue streams from wildlife tourism. Based on this success, Adessium Foundation continues supporting the organization for the coming period, so that African Parks can use its knowledge and experience throughout Africa and achieve its ambitious expansion goals.

About this partner

African Parks is a non-profit conservation organization that takes on the complete responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks and protected areas in Africa, in partnership with governments and local communities. It has the largest counter-poaching force and the most amount of area under protection for any one NGO in Africa.

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