Adessium supports projects to reduce the impact of corona crisis

Adessium supports projects to reduce the impact of corona crisis

The crisis caused by the coronavirus has a particularly significant impact on people who were already in a vulnerable position. For those living in poverty or who are homeless or on the run, this means an acute emergency situation.

Where possible, we try to contribute to relieving the distress these dire situations can cause and have freed up resources to support a number of aid organizations during this time of crisis. Our primary focus is on emergency aid and relief for these distressful situations for people in the Netherlands, and to contribute to mitigating the acute circumstances in and around the refugee camps on the Greek islands.


We work with existing or former Adessium partners with an immediate financing need they are unable to meet based on existing commitments, their own capital or fund-raising capacity. Our efforts also take the broader consequences of the crisis into account, including the effects on welfare and well-being, and on income and health.


We support the following emergency relief projects in the Netherlands:

  • Stichting Urgente Noden Nederland: Contributions to local emergency relief offices throughout the Netherlands in order to meet the need from increased requests for emergency relief for vulnerable families
  • Stichting Het Vergeten Kind: Crisis fund for providing rapid relief to vulnerable children (living in shelters or at home under a youth protection order) with materials for education, connection and leisure
  • Netwerk DAK: Emergency relief fund for local community centers to facilitate additional manpower, emergency facilities and modified forms of food distribution
  • Het Nationaal Ouderenfonds: Scaling up the capacity of the Zilverlijn, a special telephone line for lonely elderly people

Relief for the situation for refugees in Greece:

  • Artsen Zonder Grenzen: Emergency medical relief and sanitation facilities in and around refugee camps on the Greek islands
  • Movement On The Ground: Emergency relief in and around refugee camps in Greece, including tents, sanitation facilities, food, waste management, clothing distribution and educational activities. There is currently an additional focus on measures to prevent the spread of corona
  • Lighthouse Reports: Emergency Borders Newsroom for providing news and information on the local situation (including human rights violations in border regions)


A crisis like this demands more flexibility from us in the donation procedure with our partners. We are currently engaged in a dialog with them to determine the best way we can support them and meet their needs during this crisis.

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