A must-read: SOMO’s report ‘Amazon’s European chokehold’

A must-read: SOMO’s report ‘Amazon’s European chokehold’

SOMO recently published a report on Amazon’s impact in Europe. We spoke to investigator Margarida Silva.

No choice
SOMO investigates multinationals. Their goal is a fair and sustainable world in which public interest take precedence over the interests of companies. Adessium supports SOMO’s investigation into the influence of Big tech companies. Investigator Margarida Silva: “In the past year, we have investigated the impact of Amazon’s power on people’s lives. We spoke with sellers on the online platform who told us about challenges they face and the steep fees they pay. They feel they have no choice.”

Loosen Big Tech’s grip
“We linked their testimony with the growing evidence of abuse across Europe and tracked billions of Euros in Amazon revenues. This investigation enabled us to cooperate with civil society and trade unions, and together we raised the problems caused by Amazon’s conduct at EU level. We are sure that many stories of the impact of Big tech companies are still to be told. This work will be fundamental to loosen Big Tech’s grip.”

Support from Adessium
Within our program Public Interest, we contribute to the creation and implementation of the conditions that are necessary for a responsible digital society. SOMO focuses on the the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the EU law that aims at more and better regulation of online platforms in particular. SOMO brings relevant expertise from their research into monopolies. Furthermore, the organization plays a convening role to help foster networks and collaboration in this field.

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