A conversation with our partners

A conversation with our partners

With staff members of three organizations we spoke about motivation, opportunities, successes and challenges. This resulted in great, candid conversations that highlight their commitment and the will to make a difference together. They bolster our conviction that social change is possible.

Read the stories of these conversations:

Transparency International Europe (TI EU), about transparency and integrity of the EU
TI EU lobbies to fight corruption and to improve transparency and integrity in European politics. Adessium was among the first to support TI-EU after its founding in 2008. The organization has achieved significant successes regarding the protection of whistleblowers in Europe and the founding of a required compulsory lobby transparency register for rapporteurs and Presidents of the European Commission.

Oceana, about healthy ecosystems in our oceans
Oceana works to safeguard healthy oceanic ecosystems. The organization has achieved many victories since it was founded, including the establishment and recent expansion of the Cabrera National Park in the Mediterranean. Adessium has supported several of Oceana’s campaigns and geographical projects since 2010, including special initiatives like the launch of Global Fishing Watch, a unique resource that provides real-time information on deep sea fishing activities worldwide.

The Pauluskerk, supporting vulnerable groups in Rotterdam
The Rotterdam Pauluskerk plays a vital role in providing shelter and care for homeless, displaced and undocumented people, offering them temporary housing, overnight shelter, language courses and daytime activities. In addition, people can also turn to them for refugee aid, medical consultations and dentist appointments. We have supported the Pauluskerk since 2013, helping to keep their crucial activities going in times where these kinds of organizations typically have difficulties securing funding.

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