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Growing global consumption is drastically increasing the amount of waste we produce. Garbage dumps containing all kinds of trash pollute our air and groundwater. What’s more, some of that waste remains in the environment. Plastic is a particularly toxic waste material; it degrades very slowly and can endanger public health if it enters our food chain.

Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) is working to reduce the total amount of waste in Europe and to increase the rate of waste reuse. Adequate waste management systems can prevent pollution, and to that end ZWE advises European municipalities on how to reduce waste and encourage reuse. The organization also works to hold manufacturers responsible for combating waste. ZWE argues that instead of manufacturing disposable items, manufacturers should emphasize the reuse of materials during product development. Finally, ZWE lobbies EU institutions to enact new European legislation to combat waste.

Adessium Foundation is supporting Zero Waste Europe in introducing an adequate waste management system in even more municipalities across Europe and in lobbying for better EU legislation to combat waste.

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