• Photo: Merlin Daleman

    Photo: Merlin Daleman

It isn’t easy for children and young people with disabilities to go on vacation. A few days or weeks away require significant assistance and support, plus a slew of accommodations to both the journey and the destination. That makes a holiday away relatively expensive. Wielewaal organizes vacations, weekends away, and daycare for disabled children and young people at an affordable price. In addition to an unforgettable experience for the travelers themselves, Wielewaal’s efforts also provide the home front with a temporary respite from intensive caretaking.

Wielewaal’s philosophy is that enjoyable leisure activities enhance quality of life for people with disabilities. They, too, have the right to participate in holiday fun at normal prices. That’s why Wielewaal works hard to ensure that disabled people ultimately pay the same amount as everyone else who goes on vacation. Wielewaal explores the options for financial support with its clients, and the organization investigates the use of funds available under the Netherlands’ Exceptional Medical Expenses Act to pay for holiday activities.

The foundation’s vacations provide participants with an unforgettable experience. Young people accompanied by volunteer age peers feel a greater connection with society. Adessium Foundation is supporting Wielewaal as part of our commitment to provide everyone with equal opportunities to participate in society.

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