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Decisions made at the European level affect the daily lives of hundreds of millions of citizens. It is extremely important that these decisions benefit the public interest rather than serving private interests. Transparency International EU works to promote integrity in European Union institutions by, for example, campaigning for legislation that combats conflicts of interest among officials and for the imposition of penalties when the laws are broken.

The organization is working to effectively prosecute corruption through the establishment of an independent European public prosecutor’s office, which will investigate and prosecute cross-border corruption—particularly where it involves EU financial interests. The organization also works to prevent conflicts of interest in every EU institution and to increase transparency in the spending of EU funds. Last but not least, Transparency International EU campaigns for the mandatory publication of the taxes that companies pay and of companies’ donations to political parties.

Adessium Foundation is supporting Transparency International as part of our commitment to transparency, responsibility, and integrity. Ultimately, the organization’s work should ensure that the public interest always comes first in European policy.

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