• Thijs Wolzak

    Thijs Wolzak

The situation of children in shelters leaves much to be desired. Children are confronted with the effects of domestic violence, neglect, financial problems, mental illness, and addiction. They spend anywhere from several weeks to more than a year in often austere spaces with little privacy. Roughly half these children experience their own emotional or behavioral problems, which are reinforced by the situation in which they are growing up.

Stichting Kinderpostzegels (Stamps for Kids Foundation) and Federatie Opvang (Federation of Shelters) are partnering with shelters to improve the situation for the children living there. The goal is to let them play in a relaxed setting, thereby enabling them to start processing their experiences. A better living environment can enhance communication and bonding between parents and child and increase the child’s confidence in the future.

Adessium Foundation is supporting this initiative as part of our desire to improve the situation for children in women’s shelters and to prevent the intergenerational transmission of problems. In addition to ensuring safer housing, our contribution makes it possible to provide children with adequate guidance and to lobby the government on behalf of children in shelters.

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