• Photo: Linelle Deunk

    Photo: Linelle Deunk

The Fonds Bijzondere Noden Rotterdam (Rotterdam Fund for Emergency Relief, FBNR) provides emergency aid to people in temporary financial need. FBNR springs into action when existing government assistance programs cannot provide an adequate solution. Among other things, the fund targets emergency situations that require rapid action. A one-time grant prevents people from being evicted from their homes, for example, or from having their gas, water, and electricity turned off.

Each year in Rotterdam, roughly seven thousand households experience an urgent financial crisis. This is 10 percent of all Rotterdam households with an income up to 120 percent of the poverty threshold. These families are often in danger of falling between the cracks because they are not entitled to government or charitable assistance. FBNR can step in to cover their basic needs, particularly in situations where children are involved. The fund works rapidly: the standard response time is a maximum of three days, and if a situation calls for it, the fund can respond within 24 hours. Whenever possible, FBNR refers families to other sources of funding and existing assistance programs. Requests for help may only be submitted by relief workers. FBNR works with these professionals to create a plan of attack designed to prevent recurrence of the problem in that household.

Adessium Foundation is supporting FBNR as part of our commitment to help people in vulnerable situations.

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