• RewildingPaarden

Over the next few decades, much agricultural land throughout Europe will be repurposed. Young people are increasingly finding employment in the city, reinforcing the trend toward an aging rural population. There is a significant chance that abandoned farmland will evolve into young, homogenous woodlands, causing thousands of plant and animal species to die out.

Rewilding Europe aims to turn these areas into untamed landscapes, with plenty of space for a diversity of flora and fauna. The organization works according to the principle of conservation enterprise development, which focuses on how nature reserves can create jobs and income for the local population. Rewilding Europe stimulates ventures that demonstrate the economic value of natural wilderness, such as tourism and the sale of local goods and services. By increasing the economic value of natural areas and providing insight into how that value occurs, the organization creates a greater level of local support for nature conservation.

Adessium Foundation’s support is being used to develop economic revenue models for nature conservation in Velebit, a vast mountainous area in Croatia. Ultimately, Rewilding Europe hopes to transform at least one million hectares of land in Europe into wilderness areas by 2020, providing people with the opportunity to benefit from and enjoy nature’s return.

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