• Photo: Markus Eriksen

    Photo: Markus Eriksen

Plastic is an amazing substance; it is lightweight and strong, and it can be used in an endless variety of ways. But plastic also has a dark side. Plastic litter often ends up in the environment, where it takes a very long time to degrade. The final stop for plastic waste that ends up in water is usually our oceans and seas.

The Plastic Soup Foundation wants to put a stop to the increasing contamination of the world’s water and is working to ensure that in the future, no more plastic will end up in our oceans and seas. One of the organization’s activities is the Beat the Microbead campaign, which combats the use of microplastics in body care products such as scrubs and toothpaste. Microplastics can comprise up to 10 percent of these products. Because this material is so small, water purification systems cannot filter it from the water, and the microbeads end up in the ocean. The Plastic Soup Foundation is therefore pressuring manufacturers to stop using microbeads to make their products. The organization also works to promote innovative processes and the use of alternative raw materials instead of plastic.

Adessium Foundation is supporting the Plastic Soup Foundation as part of our commitment to nurture healthier ecosystems by reducing pollution. Ultimately, these activities should significantly reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans.

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