• Oceana

Healthy oceans are essential for life on our planet; they play a significant role in producing oxygen, and the fish that live there are a major source of protein for humanity. Unfortunately, international waters are under siege from overfishing, habitat destruction, and pollution.

Oceana, the largest NGO that focuses exclusively on ocean conservation, wants to protect and restore the world’s oceans. The organization works to achieve its goal by promoting sustainable fishing policy based on science, which will reduce bycatch and increase the number of marine protected areas.

Oceana emphasizes the importance of effective fisheries management to ensure that marine ecosystems can keep feeding a rapidly growing world population. In fact, the organization believes that it is possible to harvest more fish with less effort every year, if we manage fish stocks based on scientific principles. Responsible ocean management could deliver the fishing industry billions in extra income each year.

Adessium Foundation is supporting Oceana in its research into the sustainable management of European waters that are currently being severely overfished. The program focuses on making European fishing policy sustainable and on increasing the number of European marine protected areas. The ultimate goal is to maintain sufficient numbers of fish for future generations through the proper management of European waters.

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